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Michael Coyne and Ken Livingstone

Michael Coyne and Ken LivingstoneSince 1992, the Division of Fine Arts at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College has graduated nearly 350 cultural workers who have gone on to develop successful careers as actors, theatre technicians, playwrights, gallery and museum employees, professional artists, designers, animators, photographers, educators and other roles within the cultural sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. And they will continue to contribute in new ways for decades to come.

Aside from the successes of its graduates from the Visual Arts and Theatre programs, the Fine Arts Division has given many Newfoundland and Labrador artists a chance to teach and exhibit in an educational setting. The Visiting Printmaking program has brought over 100 artists from around the world to Grenfell to produce prints in its workshops. Extension arts courses at the College have benefited hundreds of children, adults and seniors. The Harlow experiences for both Theatre Arts and Visual Arts students have placed them regularly within the international arena, broadening their cultural horizons.

While the programs are very much cooperative efforts, with very talented and devoted faculty and staff, it was the original vision and philosophy of Michael Coyne and Ken Livingstone that enabled the many significant, subsequent developments to occur.

Born in 1950, Michael Coyne designed the Visual Arts program as a 'back to basics' program that nevertheless allows Fourth Year students a degree of freedom seldom found in North American universities. A professional artist in his own right, recently Coyne has been developing a series of unique 'hand drawn' and 'hand painted' digital landscapes so that these high-end digital artworks can be produced successfully in Newfoundland. He is currently on sabbatical, from Professor of Visual Arts at Grenfell, perfecting new digital art making techniques in the United States.

Ken Livingstone's vision of a 'professional arena' approach to education in the theatre is also unique. Since graduating with the first Master's Degree in Directing from the Theatre Department of UBC, Livingstone has directed and/or designed more than 150 productions in theatres from Vancouver to Corner Brook. Much acclaimed, in 2005 Livingstone received Quebec's most prestigious prize for theatre for his production of Blue/Orange, winning a Masque award from L'Academie Quebecoise du Theatre.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council recognizes Michael Coyne and Ken Livingstone's collective vision of a broad and flexible arts educational experience, with joint induction into the Hall of Honour.

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