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Ralph George GaultonRalph George Gaulton

Life-long Grand Falls resident, Ralph George Gaulton was a man who touched the lives of many budding musicians. He came from a family where music was important and he was encouraged to develop his own talents.

He taught himself to read music, play guitar, piano, harmonica, trumpet and banjo. Gaulton received training as a radio and television technician and developed a studio in his basement where he began producing records for himself and his family. It was there that he started bands, wrote music, learned to play, and created countless instruments.

He then opened his own music/electronics shop in Grand Falls where young aspiring musicians would go to jam with a man they felt understood them. Ralph Gaulton influenced many musicians throughout the decades. He was a mentor who touched the lives of many, gained the respect of all, and possessed the talent of few.

Gaulton played guitar until the age of 73, the year before his death on January 8th, 1996.

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