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ArtsNL Rebrand

The Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (NLAC) was created through The Arts Council Act in 1980, and is celebrating its 35 year anniversary in 2015. A number of activities, events, and announcements will be made between now and March 2016 to acknowledge the milestone. Recently at the conclusion of the 30th anniversary arts awards held at The Rooms on July 10, executive director Reg Winsor revealed to the audience that the first such announcement would occur within moments, inviting Joshua  Jamieson, communications officer up to join him. At that time, a new look and a new name were revealed, the NLAC would now be known as ArtsNL.


Over the weeks leading up to the 30th anniversary ArtsNL Arts awards, Winsor, Jamieson, and the members of an anniversary committee went through the process of requesting proposals to develop a new brand. That committee, comprised of Jerry Doyle, Lisa McDonald, and Christina Parker, went through more than a dozen submissions before ultimately awarding the opportunity to a marketing and design agency called Perfect Day.

Creative exploratory meetings were held, discussions were had, and mock-ups reviewed. The dedicated efforts of our committee members combined with the laser-like focus of the creative talents involved. The end result is a new brand that embraces 35 years of history and hard work, represents the vibrancy of present activity, and looks to a busy and bright future. It is a brand that is representative of the provincial scope of ArtsNL’s mandate, and the various professional artistic disciplines that ArtsNL provides funding for.

Evolving the name to become ArtsNL was done to acknowledge that the ‘Arts’ is the focal point of our activity, and that focus is within Newfoundland and Labrador. The ‘NL’ is comprised of dots that are each one of seven different colours, representing the seven disciplines that ArtsNL is there to provide funding for – music, theatre, writing, visual arts, dance, multidiscipline, and film.

Perfect Day used 700 dots to create the NL portion of the brand, 100 of each colour, to denote equal full support of each discipline. Some of the dots are clustered, and some single, representing how our professional artists sometimes work independently, and at other times work in collaborative groups.

The dispersion of the dots making up the NL portion of the brand demonstrates busy activity, and brings movement and energy to the new brand, representing the vitality of current and future professional artistic practice throughout the province.

For the next nine months, until the end of March 2016, the 35th anniversary version of the brand will be utilized on all ArtsNL materials and platforms. Grant recipients should also utilize this anniversary version of the new brand in their acknowledgement of ArtsNL support until March 31, 2016.


A Brand Standards guide has also been developed, and can be downloaded by clicking here or visiting the ‘Logo’ section of our website.  This guide outlines appropriate uses for our new brand in colour and greyscale, on a light or dark background. It also highlights an important white space safety zone which should always be adhered to when the ArtsNL logo is used digitally or in print.  Additionally, the guide outlines each of the eight colours used, offering both CMYK and RGB values.