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Duane Andrews and Rhythm Futur
Family Friendly Father's Day Concert

Duane Andrews and Rhythm Futur – Family Friendly Father's Day Concert
Duane Andrews and Rhythm Futur – Family Friendly Father's Day Concert

Home Town: St. John’s
NLAC Program Funded Under: Professional Project Grants Program
Amount Funded: $7,000 (This also included support to participate in a month-long mentorship in Toronto with renowned film composer Marvin Dolgay.)

Once again, expanding his musical boundaries, Duane Andrews has assembled a unique and exciting combination of performers and music for his family-friendly Father's Day show.

Date: June 19, 2011
Time: 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.
Venue: D. F. Cook Recital Hall (MUN School of Music), St. John’s
Tickets: $15 at the door, and in advance at Fred's Records. Children 12 and under: free admission when accompanied by an adult.
Contact: Duane Andrews
Phone: 579 - 1718

About Rhythm Futur

The eleven piece 'Rhythm Futur' ensemble is comprised of members of Duane's regular performing gypsy jazz quartet along with principal players from the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra (NSO). Together they will present a musical mix of jazz, traditional Newfoundland and classical stylings featuring music ranging from the great Django Reinhardt to Chopin along with Duane's own original compositions.

Duane Andrews and Rhythm Futur:

  • Patrick Boyle -Trumpet
  • Douglas Vaughan - Horn
  • Grace Dunsmore - Flute
  • Paul Bendzsa - Clarinet
  • Alison Black - Violin
  • Nancy Case Oates - Violin
  • Sean Conway - Viola
  • Theo Weber - Cello
  • Dave Rowe - Bass
  • Steve Hussey - Guitar
  • Duane Andrews - Guitar

Q and A with Duane Andrews...

Duane Andrews
Duane Andrews

NLAC: What does the name "Rhythm Futur" come from and what does it mean?

Duane: Rhythm Futur is actually the name of a piece of music Django Reinhardt composed in the 1940s. It features Django's modernist tendencies and they say it was an expression of his feelings about the Second World War. It's also one of the pieces that I've been arranging for this concert and it felt right as a title for the group.

NLAC: This is described as a "family friendly concert" - what makes it so?

Duane: A lot of live music is inaccessible to younger people whether it’s because of the venue, or the timeframe, or sometimes parents are concerned that a child may disturb a performance. The music is not exactly children's music, but the idea is to create an environment where people would at least feel welcome to bring their children and hopefully expose them to something new.

NLAC: This is a great lineup of musicians - tell us a bit about what it's like bringing your jazz quartet together with players from the NSO – how do you complement each other?

Duane: It's been really great seeing musicians come together from genres that do not usually overlap. I'm getting the feeling that there is freshness brought from each to the other.

NLAC: You say this experience "expands your musical boundaries" – tell us about that.

Duane: The instrumentation of the ensemble allows for a lot of exploration with colour and texture in the music, but it still has the fundamental elements of the music I've been developing over the last few years. My last solo album had a new layer of sound by incorporating string quartet into the writing. With Rhythm Futur we're bringing in woodwinds and brass and getting more deeply involved with the composed side of things, as opposed to a more improvisational approach.

NLAC: This sounds like a fun thing for families to do for Father's Day – why did you want to do a Father's Day concert?

Duane: Well the answer there is pretty much a practical one. It was the only date that worked with everyone's schedule. I had an idea of which players I wanted for this concert, and we did a bit of bending here and
there, but it was worth it to get this group together because the combination of players is pretty awesome. Being Father's Day actually worked out well as it helps bring attention to the idea of giving younger people an opportunity to hear live music. At first I was apprehensive, as I didn't want to impose on the Father's Day plans of any of the players, but everyone was up for it. One of them even said 'what better gift than a concert!'

NLAC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Duane: Thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and the City of St. John's for their support of this concert.